Dietary and lifestyle advice

Lifestyle and dietary advice are in integral part of the practice of Chinese medicine and often have a great influence on the outcome of treatment. Although ‘lifestyle’ is a relatively modern concept, Chinese medicine has had plenty to say over the centuries on the subject of  “Yangsheng” (nourishing life).

Many of these recommendations are very simple and easy to implement, such as ensuring that you are getting enough sleep, eating regular meals, not eating too late and eating the right foods for your particular constitution, state of health and the time of year. For example, this article from Top Sante magazine, to which I contributed, offers some dietary and lifestyle advice for the autumn season.

We all know that trying to change long-held habits can be very difficult so I usually only give my patients a few recommendations at the first appointment and then gradually make further recommendations and suggestions as the treatment evolves.

“Olivia gave me advice on healthy eating according to traditional Chinese theory and she would check my progress normally on a weekly basis, along with carrying out the acupuncture treatment according to the pattern of my menstrual cycle. She always made me feel comfortable and in safe hands.” (DM and AM)

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