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I first went to see Olivia in May 2008, after being recommended by a friend who was having treatment to help her conceive. I wanted to try acupuncture as my periods had become irregular and I was having some unpleasant symptoms, including hot flushes. I was keen to get my cycle back for general health reasons and, as I also suffer from ME, was hoping the treatments would help me relax and possibly improve my sleep pattern and general energy levels. I had also recently been diagnosed with an ovarian cyst and was looking for a method of treatment, which avoided surgery.

I found the treatment to be immediately helpful. I actually had a period about two and a half weeks after the first treatment. Olivia also prescribed some Chinese herbs, which helped with some of the hot flushes and alleviated some of the fatigue associated with my ME. She also inserted some small needles which could be left in my ears to help with my sleep pattern. My cyst eventually resolved itself after several months.

Olivia was always professional during our sessions and I felt that she really took time to think about what would be the right treatment for me, depending on how I was each time I saw her. I would describe her approach to healing as quite intuitive. Her manner was also very calm, which made me relax immediately and the sessions were always beneficial and restorative.


My first experience of acupuncture was under the careful hands of Olivia Shaw. I was reassured by her professional manner and attention to detail that she was really focusing on my individual concerns.

Her practice is very peaceful and relaxing and, as Olivia always gives a quiet and unhurried treatment, I always leave feeling much calmer.

After the first few sessions with Olivia I saw a marked improvement and have been delighted with the ongoing results. Acupuncture seems to be working for me and I would highly recommend Olivia to anyone looking for a careful and considered treatment.


I, like I expect most newcomers to acupuncture, was fairly apprehensive before visiting Olivia. However, her welcoming and warm manner put me completely at ease. Also, her professional treatment and, more importantly – her ability to find the source of my [back] pain and begin to immediately deal with it – meant that I left feeling recovered, as well as far more relaxed. I would recommend Olivia’s professional and caring service to anyone, and would be happy to be contacted to provide a personal recommendation.


I have suffered from migraine headaches for most of my life and have kept them under control using conventional drugs. I wanted to cut down my need to rely on these in the long term and have been delighted with the results of my acupuncture treatment with Harmony and Balance. The treatments have reduced the frequency and severity of attacks and the general holistic attitude has enabled me to focus on other areas such as diet and sleep patterns. Olivia is a first class practitioner – especially in overcoming my initial nervousness and squeamishness about having acupuncture.


A treatment with Olivia is always a treat, as well as improving and helping the health issues I came with, I always go home feeling so much more relaxed and balanced.

Mrs G

Last year, when my sinus attacks become so frequent and so severe that I found myself taking antibiotics twice a month, I decided to turn to alternative therapy for help. This came in the form of a wonderful lady, Olivia Shaw, who was recommended to me and has changed my life completely. For the first time I was given an explanation in terms of Chinese medicine which made great sense as to why my sinus attacks occur simultaneously with stomach problems. Olivia’s treatments including acupuncture, cupping and massage always left me feeling good and relaxed, whilst at the same time relieving the severe pains associated with sinus. My treatments which I called “my fix” gave me the added benefit of relieving all the stresses and strains associated with everyday busy life. The remedies she prescribed have offered a wonderful solution to keeping the sinus attacks at bay without the danger of side affects associated with ongoing doses of antibiotics. Now I know why Olivia was so highly recommended to me and I now in turn am very happy to be able to offer the same recommendation to anyone reading this.


I was recommended to Olivia by a friend, who was delighted by the treatment she’d received, so I thought that I would give acupuncture a try. I have had asthma all my life – as well as hayfever and numerous allergies – so have tried a number of treatments, including alternative ones, over the years.

My experience with Olivia was excellent. She has a fantastic, calming persona and although I was initially a little bit scared about what the treatment entailed, she instantly installed confidence and eased my nerves. The acupuncture didn’t hurt as I had expected and I felt an instant result and improvement in my health and overall well being.

I saw Olivia for over a year, and noticed an definite benefit from receiving the treatment from her – especially with my hayfever and allergies, as I went from taking an antihistamine tablet every day over the summer months, to not at all. A miracle!

I would highly recommend Olivia to anyone considering acupuncture and I am very sad she is no longer in the UK to continue treating me.


I was suffering from Polymyalgia Rheumatica (PMR) which can lead to Giant Cell Arteritis (Temporal Arteritis) and suffered long bouts of agonising pain affecting all my large muscles. It was necessary to take conventional medication but it didn’t have much affect so I decided to look for alternatives.

I found Olivia extremely thorough with her case notes and on each visit she followed up on everything we had discussed previously. She was also very good at putting you at ease with her quiet demeanour and calm atmosphere. After each session I felt very relaxed and following regular visits my painful periods became less frequent, then only affecting my shoulders and eventually I had no pain at all. At the later sessions Olivia introduced body massage as well as the acupuncture which I continued even when I was well.


I was recommended to Olivia by a colleague because I was experiencing widespread pain, which had become increasingly unbearable. Nothing else had worked, including exercise, painkillers and even the last resort, cortisone. I was given all sorts of conflicting advice in relation to analgesia and exercise.

After a couple of treatments of acupuncture with you not only did I experience pain relief, but Olivia also put her finger on a diagnosis – accepted by my GP as the probable cause of the symptoms, for which I had received treatment for many years without any understanding of what the true cause was. As Olivia said herself, it was a “lightbulb” moment – and one for which I am eternally grateful. It has finally given me an appropriate option on pharmaceutical treatment as well as highlighting the power of acupuncture as both remedy and therapy.

Thanks Olivia. I would not say I was now pain-free but it is certainly easier to manage – not least because I know what the cause is.


The first time I saw Olivia she had been recommended to me by my daughter who suffers very badly with Rheumatoid Arthritis and who Olivia has helped enormously. I had been in a great deal of pain with my lower back. I was unable to sit still for very long, was existing on numerous painkillers throughout the day and the pain which extended down the outside of my right leg was just like a constant toothache.

After the first session with Olivia I felt immediate relief. Being somewhat skeptical about acupuncture, it was a wonderful surprise and a great relief to be in less pain.

I was advised by Olivia that I would need a number of sessions before I would be completely free of pain in my back and she was absolutely correct.

My treatment consisted of acupuncture, massage and cupping. I found the whole experience extremely enjoyable. These methods of treatment all brought great relief, not only to my back pain which has now completely gone, but also helped my feeling of wellbeing and health throughout the whole of my body.

Olivia is a professional in every way and very caring, I have no hesitation at all in recommending her.


I started treatment with Olivia in May 2005 because I have rheumatoid arthritis which affects every joint in my body and the pain and discomfort can be very severe which only strong medication can help and even then not very much and not without some horrible side effects. I discovered Olivia after searching for an acupuncturist online and her website immediately drew me in. Olivia has helped relieve my condition enormously; I have been able to cut my medication by half since seeing her. Olivia takes pride in her work and is extremely dedicated to helping people; she really listens to everything you say. Olivia has neverending patience in wanting to help and keeps working until she sees a positive result in her treatment. I never had any hesitation in recommending her to friends and family and the people that went to see her were always so thankful to me for telling them about her.


After suffering a mild stroke a couple of years ago at the age of 48, Olivia treated me for the after effects of the episode. After only a small number of treatments, the acupuncture completely cured the slight numbness on my left side as well as helping reduce my high blood pressure. I had never thought of having acupuncture before and must admit that I was slightly skeptical. However the results she achieved were nothing short of excellent and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Olivia. She is a calm, consummate professional, a great listener and believes that any treatment should always complement any conventional medical treatment you might be receiving.