Clinic hours and Fees

Clinic Hours

My current clinic hours at the Surbiton Natural Health Centre are as follows:

Mondays 10.15am to 5.30pm

Tuesdays 10.15am to 5.30pm

Thursdays 10.15am to 5.30pm

Fridays 10.15am to 5.30pm

Payment and Fees

The pandemic has  brought changes to the way that I practise. You will not see a difference in the efficacy of your treatment, but there will be some changes, which you can read more about here:

First appointment: The first meeting with new patients takes place remotely using an online platform  (45 minutes) £50

Acupuncture appointments (45 minutes) £55 

Payment is by debit/credit card, cash or cheque made payable to Olivia Shaw Acupuncture Limited at the end of each session.

At present I only prescribe Chinese herbal medicine for my acupuncture patients and I do not offer herbal medicine consultations on their own.

The cost of Chinese herbal medicine varies as each prescription is individualised for each patient, but is normally approximately £4 per day.


If you are unable to keep an appointment, 24 hours notice of a cancellation is kindly requested, as I often have a waiting list and someone else may be able to take your appointment.

In the event that I receive less than 24 hours notice of a cancellation, I charge £50.