Pregnancy Acupuncture


I discovered Olivia advertising in a local parenting magazine and she treated me before, during and after the birth of my third child at the age of 42. Pregnancy acupuncture certainly helped with morning sickness, maintaining even blood pressure and general health and stamina. My daughter was born a day after her due date. I had a completely natural birth without any medical intervention. Acupuncture also proved really helpful when the time came to naturally induce the labor. I found acupuncture a very relaxing, painless treatment that I would recommend to all pregnant women.

Mrs E

I first went to see Olivia for acupuncture for help to conceive as myself and my husband had a few problems. Olivia was really supportive from the start. She helped me to ensure I was eating and drinking the right things and the acupuncture sessions were always really relaxing, more like visiting a good friend than a stranger. She set me up with an online diary, which she would also log into to check my progress. I had 2 sessions of acupuncture with Olivia and fell pregnant straightaway (after 18 months of trying).

Throughout the pregnancy, Olivia has supported me with acupuncture for morning sickness at the start and now to help with my energy levels at the end. I was a little bit nervous about acupuncture at the start but now am looking forward to my next session already!

I would recommend acupuncture to anyone trying to conceive and cannot recommend Olivia highly enough, she has a professional yet friendly manner and will go out of her way to find things out for you and help you with whatever you need.