Olivia Shaw


I am an experienced practitioner based in two clinics in Surbiton, Surrey: the Surbiton Natural Health Centre and Surbiton Therapy Space.

I studied Chinese medicine for five years and have a First Class honours degree (BSc) in acupuncture and a MSc in Chinese Herbal Medicine, awarded with distinction.

I began my working life as a solicitor in the City of London until a meeting with an acupuncturist sparked an interest in Chinese medicine that eventually led to a complete change of career.

After I graduated as an acupuncturist I established my own Chinese medicine practice in north London and I simultaneously worked for nearly two years as a practitioner with the Fertility Support Company. I then spent time working with my friend and colleague Janetta Bensouilah  treating patients with a variety of fertility issues at her busy clinic in Cobham, Surrey (which has since closed following Janetta’s move abroad). 

I have been working in Surbiton since 2012 and over the course of my seventeen years in practice, I have developed a special interest in infertility, women’s health issues, such as PCOS and endometriosis, pregnancy-related conditions and addressing symptoms of the (peri-)menopause.

I continue to develop my understanding of Chinese medicine by attending seminars given by leading Chinese medicine practitioners from all over the world. In 2014 I had the opportunity to complete an intensive Chinese medicine gynaecology internship at the Shandong TCM Hospital and IVF clinic in Jinan, China. 

During my years as an acupuncturist the style of acupuncture that I practise has also evolved and I now use Kiiko Matsumoto-style acupuncture in the majority of my acupuncture treatments in Surbiton (you can read more about Kiiko Matsumoto here). This involves greater reliance on abdominal palpation as part of the diagnostic process and also uses very fine needles, making this style of acupuncture very well-suited to patients who are nervous about needles. 

I am a member of the Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine and abide by their strict Codes of Practice on safety standards and ethical practice. My approach to treatment is thorough and caring and I always endeavour to work with the utmost sensitivity to achieve the best outcomes for my patients.